Auto Detailing Center has been cleaning and detailing vehicles and
motorcycles in Kearny and the surrounding communities for personal and
corporate companies for the past 25 years. We work closely with or clients,
offering a complete service, from hand washing, steam cleaning and
maintenance, to complete detailing service.

      Many car washes are not equipped to perform in-depth procedures, nor do
they have the proper equipment or indoor climate controlled facility, which is
needed to perform such a high level of service. They advertise an attractive
price, but mislead you on their incorrect cleaning procedures that could result
in paint swirl marks, and interiors that are not thoroughly cleaned.

      Debbie and her staff work closely with the 3M Trades Division and use 3M    
products. The use of high-tech materials, and proper operating procedures are a
must in this industry. Debbie feels very strongly about protecting your vehicle's
interior and exterior finish. Quality and time is critical in precise craftsmanship.

Hours by appointment only

184 Garfield Avenue    Kearny, NJ
201 - 997 – 5523